4 Key essentials on how to Netflix like a boss

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This year, Netflix  is bringing more content – over 400 new original titles for this year alone – and better streaming, alongside innovative new technologies, for the best entertainment experience ever.

And it doesn’t even take a genius to get into the Netflix habit. It won’t even cost you an arm and leg to get one. All you need is to remember these four key essentials about Netflix, and you’re off to See What’s Next:

Trial and Subscription

Your first month is on Netflix. Yup, that’s 30 days of free streaming of titles! Just log on to www.netflix.com, enter your e-mail and create a password and you’re all set. If you find yourself binging already, then move on to select the right subscription plan for you (starts at just Php 370 per month). You can cancel your subscription anytime, and can go back to it anytime.

Choose the Right Streaming Plan

Customization is key—so your subscription will determine how many people can stream at the same time; and on what device you can stream on. You can change the plan anytime, and install the app in as many devices as you like. That’s personalized for you!

Enjoy Downloads

Now you can really watch and enjoy anytime, anywhere, and even when offline with the Downloads feature.  Open it on your mobile phone,  choose a title, then hit download. Pretty simple yet truly entertaining.

Watch on Any Device

Whether on a smart TV, game console, laptop, tablet of mobile phone, you can enjoy Netflix shows and movies at any device. Just find the app on any of these devices and start binge watching!

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