Why You Need To Know Who Kaila Estrada Is

Kean Esguerra

Everyone seems to be internet famous these days; with their travel blogs, make up tutorials and well coordinated outfits, all showcased in their well curated feed. But, rarely do we see someone who will really become a star. Someone with a potential to be actually greater.

It’s easy to become popular, but actually maintaining fame and taking it to a whole new level is harder. Take 21 year old, Kaila Estrada as an example. She’s not just a well known model but also a “Social Media Influencer”.

I want to call her the “Kendall Jenner” of the Philippines, only because they are similar in some ways (Not to mention both their names start with K).

For one, both Kendall and Kaila are born into a well-known family. Estrada, Kaila’s last name came from his model-turned-actor dad, John Estrada.

Happy Birthday Dad! I love you! ❤️

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Kaila’s resemblance to her actress mom, is uncanny. Both of them sports an angelic face one will easily fall for.

But Kaila’s is set to make a name for herself. Shying away from the shadows of her parents, as much as she can. This is another similarity she has with Kendall Jenner. According to Kaila’s interviews, she’s more interested in fashion, and does not see herself doing acting. Maybe she has the acting chops since it runs in her family? But R-E-S-P-E-C-T for wanting to do her own thing.

Kaila’s first professional gig, was a show for designer, Randy Ortiz.

Another notable work she has done, as of late, is becoming SM Youth’s Ambassador. However, getting the ambassadorship, was not walk in the park.

In the brand’s Web-series, you will see that she had to fight and strut her way up the competition. Kaila, along with 13 other hopefuls who battled it out, for that much coveted title.

Hard work, skills and passion seems to be her formula for success, because in the end she was hailed as the brand’s newest ambassador.

From that point, Kaila seems to be everywhere. Her attendance on big events, big magazines, and big fashion rendezvous seem constant. She’s showing no signs of stopping anytime soon, as she continues to beef-up her modelling portfolio.

Kaila is under Mercator Models, a modelling agency that handles big names like Pia Wurtzbach, LA Aguinaldo, Daniel Matsunaga and Kylie Verzosa, to name a few.

Her portrait game is strong.

And her confident attitude shows in her photos.

Rooftop Memories (2) 📷 @shotbymik #ShotByMIK

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That’s why she can do catalog or commercial shoots.

#WeAreSMYouth Photo by @bjornmanila

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or even editorial.

While she’s not doing photo-shoots, she’s walking the runway.

📷 @rynong #Marrymeatmarriot

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Apart from Kaila’s modelling career. She is also slaying it in the online arena. Proving that she is a force to reckon with, one post at a time.

This girl even boasts a 100K+ following on Instagram– it’s no surprise that she lands influencer jobs, left and right.

Keepin' it freshhhh at the @cocoteaph event earlier ✨

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What sets her apart from other online influencers? Well, she puts her back in to every post she does. Hashtag Effort and we love it.

Time to detox. 🍃 Thank you for these @basicjuicery 💗

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She could easily just snapped the juice in her hand and still get hundreds of likes, but no, Kaila chose to flat-lay and make the photo better. 

Meanwhile, this collaboration with this brand is on-point. You know it’s branded, but it was presented in a way that you would not mind that it is.

She made the post her own, by personalizing it. 

Kaila maintains her artsy feed, despite some posts being sponsored.

Furthermore, Kaila seems to be always on her modelling A-game. Whether it’s for a big fashion shoot or just a simple Instagram snap. Every pose is done with precision.

She can just be casually floating on pool and make it look like a magazine cover.

But most of all, Kaila commits. Every. Single.Time.

Glo up ✨ #sunniesvacay

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It takes skills and talent combined to turn any moment to a fashion moment– Kaila seems to do it with mastery. If you ask me, that’s a true mark of a great model. And there’s no doubt that she will be going much-much further.

Philippines, get to know your new model queen. She’s here to slay, and she’s here to stay.

Pvblic, if your still not convinced that Kaila has got what it takes. Just take a look at this slew captivating photos:

Down. 📷 @shotbymik Styling by @bettinahagad #shotbymik

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This snap of her nonchalantly posing on top of a pipe.

Kaila can pull off any style. Just take a look at her being edgy (but still cute AF). #Slay


Contemplating. 📷 @shotbymik Styling by @bettinahagad #shotbymik

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Or her being cutesy while wearing a red jersey.

Just a little more… ☕️ 📷@rutrishaanne

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Or this photo. #HowToBeThisPretty



Do you believe us now? 

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