Mula sa Buwan is a love triangle in the midst of war and tribulation

We The Pvblic

Act I

Mula sa Buwan gives off an energetic start with their Tadhana song, showing the cast members sing in perfect blending and harmony, not to mention, with beautiful individual voices as well.

Cyrano is the alpha dog of his ROTC pack and he comes off a bit strong at first, with hits of being a macho man who later reveals that the size of his nose is the size of his…heart.

DSCF1733-minHe’s head over heels for Roxanne, the lovely belle of the town and he isn’t the only one. There’s Maximo who tries to force her hand into marriage due to the upcoming war, and there’s Christian, the new beautiful, handsome cadet who has a big problem expressing his feelings for Roxanne who desires fruity, flowery wordplay.

Roxanne shared her encounter of Christian with Cyrano, with full on detail on Christian’s eyes that spoke the universe to her. Although heartbroken, Cyrano agrees to help them get together.

And he put words into Christian’s mouth, words that spoke so much soul and love for Roxanne when they went to her house during the nighttime, just below Roxanne’s old-school veranda. She doesn’t sense whose mouth the words are coming from, but she doesn’t seem to mind since she’s certain it was Christian. It was always during nighttime when Cyrano would have the guts to say everything he wanted to say to make Roxanne fall in love.

DSCF1649-minAlas, Cyrano has become the helpful friend zoned lover. It was difficult to see him follow every whim of Roxanne, however, being the genuinely good person that he is, Cyrano helps them get married, distracting Maximo so he wouldn’t interfere.

DSCF1655-minIt seemed all smiles and magical songs until they heard that bomb drop. And everything turned dark.

Act II – Japanese Occupation in the Philippines

This is where everything in the play becomes a deep and dark burden on your chest. You can’t help but feel pity for the characters, for the depictions in the play that they went through, for all the hurt they needed to endure, for all the hunger they needed to fight through. The climax of the play came as a total shocker as you see the bigger picture, that not everything is a picture perfect musical with a love triangle. It’s bigger than all of them. It’s a war.

DSCF1677-minThis was one of the dark eras of the Philippines back in World War II and we had the unintended plan to experience it. Cyrano tries to help his comrades emit an optimistic view, that the war was about to end soon. But no one can fathom his sweet talk. However, Christian steps in and sings them a tune to help ease the pain, the pain of being away, the pain of having to stay away from dear loved ones.

“Tahan na tahan na, wag ka nang lumuha. Ang gabi’y mapayapa.”

But don’t despair, there is a silver lining but we want you to find out the rest for yourself. Director Pat Valera created a masterpiece with touching pieces that will strike a chord on your musical soul that you’ve never heard before.

It’s an amazing journey that shows you true and genuine character development, lovely aesthetics on the intricate design of the background and props, beautiful vocices, and a heartwarming message on love and defiance. Mula Sa Buwan is going to make you cry…a lot. Bring a hanky when you watch their remaining shows on February 24, 25 & 26 – 3PM & 7:30PM at the Henry Lee Irwin Theatre in the Ateneo de Manila, Quezon City. This is from the heart of a mere earthling, reaching out to the moon.


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