#MillennialsAnswer: When do you get that urge to post on your Instagram?

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Do we do it for others or for ourselves?

Whenever we’re out traveling, partying together with our friends and family, or just plain relaxing with a nice book and some hot choco – there’s an internal tug to grab your phone and document what’s happening right before you.

And it’s not just you – it’s everyone around you. You’ll see their phones pointed at your face one second, and the next it’ll focus on the surroundings. They’ll either post it on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram — even all three sometimes.

“Social media for me is like a lot of smoke and mirrors – proving why you’re important, why you’re relevant…When I was in Singapore, one of the clubs would book artists and had their fees relevant to what their Facebook numbers were,” said Instagram Co-Founder Kevin Systrom.

“I think it feels crummy to have to market yourself all day long; the whole notion of a personal brand got very, very popular and still persists today, as people manage all their profiles,” Snapchat Founder Evan Spiegal adds to the conversation.

As Odyssey writer Jessica Jordano put it, “We seek recognition from others that what we are doing and who we are is acceptable and admired. Therefore, we are a prisoner to the opinions of others.”

We asked a bunch of millennials when they had the urge to post something on their Instagram Stories and here’s what they said:

When it’s Instagrammable/artsy, pretty sa eyes, eye candy.

— Jia, 22

I get the urge to post stories all the time especially moments of my life that I think are worth taking videos or photos of. Although I am the kind of person who likes to document the things happening around me so I’m always taking photos and videos. With the new Highlights feature on IG, it allows me to categorize my life moments and look back on it after some time. Plus, I get to share my life to my friends and random people. I like posting all the time because I have a lot of friends who I don’t see often or are from abroad and it makes me feel happy when they view my stories because I like to think they know how I’m doing through my stories (that’s how I think rin kasi — I like viewing people’s stories to see how they’re doing).

— Margaux, 21

Pag online crush ko.

— Pau, 23

Gusto ko kasi ishare kasi feel ko matutuwa din sila sa ishashare ko. Paminsan naman feel ko lang ishare sa mga friends ko kung ano ginagawa ko.

— Sharmaine, 22

When a significant moment in my life happens and the image matches my feed

— Alex, 24

When something good is happening.

— Kristelle, 23

When I don’t feel like I’ve been on Instagram for so long.

— Vinny, 23

Pag may mangyaring maganda sa araw ko, or pag may mga bagay na natutuwa akong nangyayari or nakikita, i-I-IG story ko.

— Antonette, 23

Kapag may nakakatuwa or nakakatawa na something, or minsan gusto kong itreasure yung memory na yun.

— Xev, 21

When I’m bored.

— Lara, 24

Pag bored, pag may malaking nangyayari and pag nakakatawang nangyayari and also may mapag mayabang. But that’s just me.

— Eugene, 20

When I want to share what I’m doing to other people.

— Aira, 23

When my dog looks cute hehe marami siyang fans eh. Also when asking for people’s opinion (poll feature).

— Julia, 23

When something interesting happens when I’m bored and alone.

— Dana, 23

When I’m bored mostly or when in a different place.

— TJ, 24

Good food and company, inuman, pets, and when I’m somewhere else.

— Kat, 23

Most importantly when I feel like posting it. I’m kinda moody with the urges, sometimes I have full-on 40 stories a day and most of the time I upload only a few stories in a week. It’s more of updating my followers in my daily life without being spammy. If I get good impressions from a story, I make more of it in a similar context. Aside from updating them, I make sure that it’s entertaining and a bit informational. The fact that there is an audience, you have to realize that it should also benefit them versus doing it for yourself.

— Chris, 31

“My advice is to unapologetically be who you are, both online and offline. Social media is a way to celebrate all that you are, and share it with people who will love you for it,” Jordano added.

That’s how we’ll be living this 2018: unapologetic for who we are and what we post. Let’s be truer to ourselves. Do it for you, not for everybody else.

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