Meet the Filipina Maybelline IT girl who had the perfect Riverdale photo op in Coachella

We The Pvblic

Meet Janina Vela, the young Filipina Maybelline IT girl.

While the most of us spent the Holy Week with the fambam, this 18-year-old Filipina YouTuber is living out our dreams in the sunny, heavenly place we all know as Coachella.

And she wasn’t there alone. We’d like y’all to know she had the fortune of meeting the Riverdale cast there and it was the perfect photo op.

She was with the very own Cole Sprouse (Jughead), Lili Reinhart (Betty), Ross Butler (Reggie), Camila Mendes (Veronica), and Casey Cott (Kevin).

One of her Instagram stories even features a moment to savor with Cole and the pvblic couldn’t handle it.

How to be u, girl?


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