LOOK: This woman showed her #GuiltyAndProud photo for International Women’s Day and the pvblic loved it

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Body shaming by definition is an inappropriate negative comment and attitude toward another person’s weight or size.

Society has set this unusually high standard for how women should look and women like Michiko have had enough of this circus show.

On International Women’s Day celebrated on March 9, Michiko’s #GuiltyAndProud photo was posted by Queen City Plus and it was absolutely inspiring.


The 23-year-old mentions that people were constantly telling her to “cover up” or “don’t wear that.” During her college years, people told her, “your cleavage is really distracting,” or “a lot of guys must like you because of your breasts,’ ‘it’s okay if you’re fat because your tits are big.”

“The worst ones I’ve heard to date are ‘you would be really hot if you lost weight but kept your boobs,’ and ‘don’t try to get thin, you might lose your boobs!’”

“People seemed to have no goddamn filter when it came to talking about my tits. It got so uncomfortable to hear all of this on a regular basis that for a while I bandage wrapped my breasts and consciously only wore round-necked shirts.”

Some point in her life, she began hating them like they were baggage. She hated the comments, the back and shoulder pains, and “the fact that I couldn’t even afford bras that fit me”.

Michiko said, “I hated not being able to just throw on whatever I wanted because I was afraid of what people would say. I’ve heard girls call me a slut, I’ve met guys who assume I’m going to sleep with them because ‘Well why else would you wear that?’”

I felt like I wasn’t allowed to love my figure and my breasts because they ’caused nothing but trouble.’ I felt like my body wasn’t mine.”

She continued, “I had to learn to filter out all the offensive stuff and not let them define me. I had to teach myself all over again that I don’t need anyone else’s approval or opinion on whether or not I am deserving of respect.”

I learned to love my body in a sexy outfit, but not until I learned to protect it first because no one seems to be interested in teaching a ‘don’t objectify, and don’t fucking rape’ class.”

“I’m guilty and proud of having big breasts that are for me, and no one else,” she ended.

Amen to that, sister.

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