LOOK: UST Law School Dean treats new lawyers to Boracay after passing the bar

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They passed the bar and these new lawyers just got one heck of a treat from their dean!

86 out of 112 bar passers hailing from the University of Santo Tomas had a three-day vacay to Boracay after UST Faculty of Civil Law’s Dean, Nilo Divina, treated the hardworking lawyers.

One of the bar passers, Rafael Lorenz Santos, told WhenInManila that their dean had promised to treat the class to the trip during the send-off ceremonies back in November, although there was a twist.

They needed to get a 100-percent passing rate in the Bar exams, and also make it to the top 10, in order to get their little getaway to the fine white sand of Boracay.

Unfortunately, the batch fell short by five percent. But that didn’t stop the lawyers from appealing to Divina to push through!

During our testimonial dinner, one of our batchmates petitioned Dean Nilo Divina to push through with the Bora trip. All of a sudden, CA Justice Amy Javier, also a professor in the Faculty of Civil Law, stood up, took the mic and ordered Dean Divina to grant our petition. In no uncertain words, Dean Divina stated, “Petition granted!”

If that isn’t enough, Santos even mentioned that each of the passers received P5,000 in cash and a Parker pen. A FRIGGIN PERSONALIZED PARKER PEN.


We have to say it: BEST. DEAN. EVER. Congratulations to all you lucky Bar passers!

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