LOOK: We tried searching RBreezy’s brazen statement on rape and you’ll never believe what we found

We The Pvblic

One of the reasons why we can’t seem to get past rape culture is because of backward thinking like that of Facebook page RBreezy’s:

The post has since been reported by the concerned pvblic and taken down.

“We hope you never have to deal with victims and we hope you never will need to laugh at the faces of victims of rape or sexual abuse. We hope to protect you from a crime as heinous as murder but do your share. Stop making rape trivial or funny. Stop blaming the victims,” End Rape Culture shares.

And although countless others have used their voices in helping spread awareness to end rape jokes and sexual harassment, we were shocked to see those on the other side who used their voices to do just the opposite.

Editor’s Note: We aren’t shaming anyone however, we have to show the pvblic that we as a society are never going to have the same sentiments and that’s just how we humans work. We need to help one another educate others who stand with RBreezy on mass issues such as this.





How is the abuse and trauma experienced by a rape victim even funny?


Or the horrid death experienced by some rape victims (i.e. the controversial case of Pepsi Paloma)?


End this misogynistic society. End rape culture.

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