LOOK: This ‘dead whale’ is the final warning you need to stop you from littering

We The Pvblic

Greenpeace Philippines gave the Filipino pvblic one strong message for you to stop littering the ocean. Marine life has always been threatened by the existence of plastics, bottles, pollution of sorts and it has got to come to a stop.

Oceans Campaigner Vince Cinches posted a series of photos of a “dead whale” along the shoreline of the Sea Side Beach Resort in Naic, Cavite.

“A Dead Whale’s wake-up call at Sea Side Beach Resort, Naic, Cavite. Urgency to end plastic pollution. Display/Exhibit until Sunday, May 14, 2017,” he says in the post.

“Help us tell ASEAN Countries to End the scourge of plastics by signing this petition http://bit.ly/aseanplastic

Greenpeace Philippines also posted the same series with their own compelling statement:

“Listen to the dead whale’s wake-up call, look closer and see what plastic pollution does to the ocean. We hope that this installation encourages the public to take action and #RefusePlastic.”

The online petition addressed to the ASEAN states to “take concrete measures against plastics pollution in the high seas to stop environmental degradation and dwindling of marine life in the region.”

Let this serve as a final warning to actually do something and help out our marine life in the region, and even in the entirety of the world.

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