LOOK: The pvblic noticed someone may need to hire a copywriter

We The Pvblic

Copywriters are essential in pulling in the target market usually through a one-liner or a phrase that’ll make ’em say, “That’s good.”

It helps if you link the product to the line in a profoundly witty way and the way you deliver the line. It difficult to create a compelling copy if you’re stuck with writer’s block.

This is why the pvblic noticed something a bit strange with Pentel’s slogan: it’s a no-brainer.

The pvblic couldn’t get enough of it, one even raising a serious question:


Or maybe it’s actually the intent of the company, seeing that the copy’s getting the hype it deserves.

Some of them even came up with their own copies and they weren’t half-bad

Touché, Pentel. You’ve inspired a revolution amongst the pvblic.

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