LOOK: The iPhone 8 gets sleeker with new features

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Apple stunned the world last September when it introduced the iPhone 7 to the pvblic, and now, it’s ready to show the world the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus with its many features.iPhone 8 Release Date

The iPhone 8 will make its debut on September 2017, which is now an Apple staple, introducing iPhone models on the month of September.

iPhone 8 Design

The new iPhone is expected to have a more defined line, a harder one, which is also expected to come with a square design like those of the iPhone 4-5 models.

Apple’s iPhone 8 is reportedly going to improve its fingerprint reader, with the reader being placed on the screen.

The price range of the iPhone 8 is expected to be like this:

iPhone 8, 32 GB> $ 1199
iPhone 8, 64 GB> $ 1399
iPhone 8, 128 GB> $ 1599

iPhone 8 Plus, 32 GB> $ 1299
iPhone 8 Plus, 64 GB> $ 1499
iPhone 8 Plus 128, GB> $ 1699

All photos from ConceptsiPhone.

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