LOOK: The Red Ninja Fest Year 8 was an indie fan’s dream

We The Pvblic

The Red Ninja Fest Year 8 is everything an indie fan would dream: the ideal setting care of B-side at Collective, familiar bands, and new sounds that just might turn out to be your new favorite song.

Banna Harbera kicked it off for the pvblic, giving it her all, followed by Tom’s Story. Another fan-favorite indie singer-songwriter was present and she’s a major Grammar Nazi: Reese Lansangan.

Rain or shine, the music fest went on with Jensen and the Flips and their beautiful hits. Notice that there weren’t too many chairs at the event for the fact that it was simply too good to miss out on. All the vibes, all the indie hits, all the memories the pvblic will definitely keep.

The exhaustion was, in fact, all worth it, with the audience singing along to every song, not missing a beat, making the whole experience for keeps.

“People should expect good music from a Red Ninja gig,” Peryodiko’s Dancel once said. True enough to his word, the pvblic got what they deserved.

Cheers to eight years. Plenty more to go, Red Ninja!

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