LOOK: What the pvblic thought of James Reid’s ‘Palm Dreams’ album

We The Pvblic

From Beat Energy Gap and Bahala Na to Palm Dreams real quick.


James Reid shook the OPM world with the hit album everyone’s been talking about, Palm Dreams, two years after his last record Reid Alert.

Palm Dreams made its debut on Spotify on July 8, and it’s only been getting more and more praise from the pvblic.

They couldn’t help but notice the shift.

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Reid takes a dive into an electronic feel on his self-written album with co-producer Paulo Tiongson to show everyone his artistic take on music that feels real, something “not ‘manufactured’ for the masa.”

Reid tells Philstar, “They feel like it’s so hard for someone to make it big in the music scene and release music that’s artistic, that’s real, that’s not ‘manufactured’ for the masa. I wanted this [album] to be something that people could relate to because it’s cool.”

The new album has solid collaborations with Sam Concepcion, Bret Jackson, Kiana Valenciano, and reel-to-real girlfriend Nadine Lustre. “I want to be true to myself, especially with the songs and the music videos; it’s my story.”

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