LOOK: Is Pastillas Girl’s ex getting a second chance through ‘My Ex and Whys’?

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Angelica Jane Yap aka the girl who made hugot-filled videos while making pastillas had a recent reunion with her ex-boyfriend, Enzo Gallegos.

Angelica earned the title Pastillas Girl as she continuously went on and on about her ex in her videos. We were certain there was no way in heck she would give him another chance.

But along came Enzo’s lengthy Facebook post which made the pvblic think otherwise.

He tells in his post that it’s been two years since they last saw each other when he went on It’s Showtime to apologize to her for cheating on her.

“It’s been two years since we’ve been together. And then I saw you again. You said ‘Hi!’ and then you smiled. And I know in that moment, I need to have another chance with you. And then it all came back. The old us. And now, the new you,” he said.

“Ang daming nang nangyari. We stayed up late talking about how we’ve been through this past few years. Sometimes parang ayaw ko na matapos yung usap natin. Hanggang sa nasundan na ng nasundan tapos eto na tayo ulit, still catching up. Sobrang bilis ng oras ko tuwing kasama kita kaya siguro bitin na bitin ako pag kasama kita and kapag kausap ka.”

“TBH namiss lang kita. Until now, namimiss pa din kita,” he added.

There’s a quick reference to My Ex and Whys when he wrote Angelica she was matchless. “Yeah it’s like ‘My Ex and Whys’ pero no, hindi ka kapalit-palit. You’re beautiful. Ikaw lang.”

He then refers to the doubting pvblic, telling her he will man up and face the consequences of his actions to get another chance with her.

“People will judge me from time to time and I don’t care at all. Ang importante sakin ngayon, ikaw at mapasaya ka at mapalitan lahat ng memories natin ng masasaya.”

He ended, “I really really love you that you’re giving me so much happiness in my life.”



Do you think she should give him a chance?

Or once a cheater, always a cheater? Leave a comment below.

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