LOOK: Mula Sa Buwan is back to capture the hearts of the pvblic with its take on Cyrano de Bergerac!

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Unrequited love is a bitch. It’s one of those things you’d much prefer not to experience in life, however, it happens. It always does. MULA  SA  BUWAN  is  a  musical  adaptation  of  the  French  classic  Cyrano  de   Bergerac.  Although  it  retains  the plot of  unrequited  love,  question  of  beauty  and   the  relentless  battle  against  compromise–it  has  now  been  reimagined  to  tell  a  more   familiar  story:  ours.

It doesn’t just talk about unreciprocated love. No, friends, the setting is in  1940s  Manila,  among  young  ROTC  cadets  and  blushing  colegialas,  the   play  shows  the  innocence  and  freedom  of  a  nation  at  the  cusp  of   independence.  Sarsuwela,  harana,  kundiman,  camaraderie,  wit,  passion,  and  hope   abound!  However,  when  World  War  II  strikes,  virtue,  honor  and  love  are  all  tested – the  young  now  forced  to  suddenly  become  men.

The  play  moves  to  a  time  after  the  war,  to  a  field  of  rubble,  of  forgotten  memories,  of   heroes  lost  in  a  country  struggling  to  survive.    At  the  center  of  it  all,  the  unforgettable   unrequited  love  of  Cyrano,  Roxane  and  Christian.

Apart  from  being  a  captivating  production,  MULA  SA  BUWAN  is  also  very   relevant. This year, they commemorate the 75th Araw ng Kagitingan. MULA  SA  BUWAN  shall  be  one  of  very  few  plays  to   center  on  our  history  and  heroes.  Truly, it’s a  perfect  material   to  supplement  any  HISTORY,  FILIPINO,  ART  or  MUSIC  class.

This  February  18,  19,  24,  25  &  26,  2017  (3PM  &  7:30PM),  Black  Box  Productions brings back to the  stage  the  Filipino  musical  adaptation  of  Edmond  Rostand’s   Cyrano  de  Bergerac  entitled  “Mula  sa  Buwan”  at  the  Henry  Lee  Irwin  Theater,  Ateneo. Don’t miss out!

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