LOOK: ‘Mang Inasal’ along with other fast-food parody accounts hit back at unli-rice ban

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Senator Cynthia Villar called for a ban on the unlimited rice or “unli-rice” offerings in restaurants amid the government’s efforts toward rice self-sufficiency on Wednesday.

“You know, the findings in other countries, mas better ang diet nila. Hindi masyadong maraming rice, may vegetable. If you really ask doctors, that’s a better diet,” the chair of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Food said.

“So dapat i-train na rin nating mga Filipinos not to eat too much rice kasi nagiging diabetic. And you know, it’s expensive to cure diabetes. Parang sinasabi sa ibang bansa kaya hindi sila nagiging self-sufficient, because they have a better diet. So makakatulong iyon, iyong sinasabi nilang unlimited rice, hindi maganda iyon sa diet natin,” Villar said to reporters after the committee hearing.

She added, “Ipagbawal na yang unlimited rice, masama yan. Pagbawal na natin yang unlimited rice kasi nagkakasakit tayo gawa ng unlimited rice na yan; we should learn how to eat vegetables.”

Needless to say, rice-loving Filipinos reacted against the movement. But who was mostly affected? The Twitter parody accounts of fast-food restaurants.

They had a lot of feelings.

They fight like brothers and sisters

At least someone got his unli-chicken oil

It just got chaotic and funny pretty quick


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