LOOK: Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto are #TeamJollibee and they’re wearing matchy matchy spacesuits!

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Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia have made their loveteam debut in Vince & Kath & James and the pvblic totally shipped the two.

Kath x Vince ☘ #VinceandKathandJames

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Their whole demeanor is the cute boy meets girl, girl meets boy kind of thing and you can honestly feel all the sparks when you watch them.

👀 BTS Vince & Kath & James 📽

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And we couldn’t help but gush when Joshua just straight out told her “gusto kita” in NoInk’s Impossible Challenge:

Well, the newest members of the Jollibee family both agree that there is only one fast-food burger that meets the langhap-sarap criterion: the Jollibee Yum Burger.

“The Yum Burger is uniquely delicious and Pinoy,” said the 19-year-old actress. “Isang langhap mo pa lang, alam mong masarap agad ang matitikman mo.”

Joshua could not agree more. “I love that the Yum Burger is made with 100% pure beef,” he shared. “You can easily smell why it’s the best. Amoy pa lang, ang sarap na.

jollibee yum burger tvc (1)They’ve even got matchy matchy astronaut suits on to prove it! Baby John Lloyd got a cutiepie haircut hihi.


Edcell Ched aka Chloë Moretz’s doppelganger even made a cameo!

jollibee yum burger tvc (3)The new TVC amusingly mirrors elements from a classic Jollibee 60-second commercial from the 1980s, from visuals to the use of music. The 2017 version pays homage to this hit vintage ad, celebrating how Jollibee has been home to the best in langhap and best in sarap for decades, pleasing not only foreigners but even today’s millennials.

A burger like no other

Every Yum Burger is made with a 100% pure beef patty at its core, seasoned to fit the discerning Pinoy palate.

“With this patty that’s made with 100% pure beef, we’re able to consistently deliver real flavors that Filipinos have loved for decades,” said Francis E. Flores, Jollibee Global Chief Marketing Officer and Philippines Head of Marketing. “This core ingredient is also responsible for the mouthwatering aroma that signals the start of a delicious, satisfying experience. Langhap-sarap, indeed.”

#JoshLia on being #TeamJollibee

jollibee yum burger tvc (2)When Julia and Joshua found out they’ll be part of the ever-growing Jollibee family, both admitted to being quite emotional.

“I cried because I was just so happy,” the young actress shared. “Jollibee was a big part of my career when I was just starting out, so this endorsement is like coming home.”

Julia first endorsed the Yum Burger in 2014, which she said was “one of the best choices I’ve made so far.”

“I really prayed and waited for a project like this,” Joshua shared. “I cried when my handler confirmed that my Yum Burger endorsement is a go.”

jollibee yum burger tvc (4)Both young celebs love the Yum Cheeseburger with Joshua mentioning that this variant offers a flavor experience like the Yum Burger, but even more special because of the cheese.

“We hope that Julia and Joshua will inspire Filipino millennials to continue their pursuit for the best,” concluded Flores. “They embody a generation that won’t settle for anything less than the best and knows that for the best in langhap-sarap, there’s always the Yum Burger.”

We love you, JoshLia. Enjoy being part of the Filipino fave family!

Vitamins • Kath

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