LOOK: This guy showed his love for his girlfriend by giving her a note all around the world

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Love is patient, love is kind. Love is thinking of new ways of showing your significant other how much you love one another through unique and sublime ways.

Garry Cortez is one of the few fellows who happened to think of a new way to surprise his girlfriend aside from the usual combo: a bouquet with chocolate.

He writes, “Kat, my love for you is so big! It has reached all the corners of the earth! Happy Valentine’s day babe!”

And reach all the corners, it did.

Garry tells We the Pvblic, “Sa totoo lang hindi ko original idea yun. May nakita lang ako sa isang comment section sa isang page na may nanghihingi din ng love notes mula sa iba’t-ibang lugar tapos narealize ko na lagi nababanggit ni Kat na gusto niya umikot sa mundo.”

“Never pa kasi kami nakalabas ng bansa, so naisip ko, somehow parang nilibot ko na din siya sa mundo sa paraan na yun,” he added.

Garry mentioned he started two weeks ago on his Valentine’s Day project and the most challenging part was getting the favor across the world through friends, sometimes it was difficult due to the busy schedule of some. “Yung iba ang pangit ng weather nila kaya di sila makalabas,” he says.
“Basta dun ako nanghingi sa mga pamilya at friends ko sa ibang bansa.”

So this guy can shout his love all across the world and I can’t even get a text back?? SMH


All photos from Garry Cortez.

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