LOOK: Guy recreates rap albums through graduation photos

We The Pvblic

This guy gets an A in creativity because D A M N. Who would’ve thought?!


A graduate from the University of Texas named Mark Phillips recreated iconic hip hop and R&B album covers wearing his whole graduation outfit and it was exquisite.

“I wanted to be creative with these graduation pictures while also thanking a few of my favorite artists. (S/o to Aff for taking these @cleanuniform) So I recreated their album covers with me graduating on them,” he tells in an Instagram post.

“These artists kept me focused and inspired to stay on the right path while accomplishing the goals I set for myself through their music and words. Thanks for all the inspiration and creativity.”

Check out all the amazing shots below:

The range of the shots go from Drake‘s 2013 Nothing Was The Same album, to Kendrick Lamar’s new hyped drop Damn, Chance The Rapper’s Coloring Book and three albums by J.Cole.

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