LOOK: EXO tops the Top 10 Trending Artists on Twitter

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Leading K-Pop band EXO, which is about to make its comeback in mid-July, opened its official Twitter account @weareoneEXO on 8 July and was welcomed with an extraordinary 11 million Tweets from fans around the world over the weekend. Soon after launching the account, the hashtags #EXO and #KoKoBop were trending globally on Twitter.


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EXO are so loved by fans from all over the world that they have been generating an average of more than one million Tweets a day without having an official account on Twitter. Last year, EXO topped the list of Top Trending Artists on Twitter, winning top global artists.

Top Trending Artists in 2016 on Twitter:

  1. #Exo
  2. #Jimin
  3. #Prince
  4. #JustinBieber
  5. #DavidBowie
  6. #OneDirection
  7. #Bambam
  8. #Beyonce
  9. #Jin
  10. #Jungkook

Exo opened its official Twitter account (@weareoneEXO) at 9:26 pm PHT on 8 July and posted its first Tweet. The popular K-POP band used Twitter’s ‘Instant Unlock’ feature to unveil their new album teaser videos before the comeback. ‘Instant Unlock’ is a feature that allows people to view special videos and content by engaging with a Tweet.

At around midnight on the next day, 9 July, one of the EXO members, Kai’s 15-second teaser video was unveiled and the Tweet volume once again jumped. Fans of EXO continued to talk on Twitter about hoping to release a teaser video for each member and 3.7 million Tweets were generated overnight.

Twitter is celebrating the opening of EXO’s official account and has set up a special emoji to help fans around the world cheer for the comeback. EXO’s special emojis will appear on all Tweets using the official hashtags: #EXO, #엑소, #TheWarEXO, #KoKoBop starting 8 July until 8 August 2017.

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