LOOK: The British Invasion is happening this Lent with McDonald’s new Fish & Fries on pvblic demand!

We The Pvblic

London. Shakespeare. James Bond. Sherlock Holmes. Prince Charles. Queen Elizabeth. Football. The Beatles. One Direction. Spice Girls. Ed Sheeran. Adele. Pudding. Tea. Macaron. Biscuits.

Triggered yet?

Blimey! Wanna have some tea? Bonkers! I’ll give you a ring. You coming to my flat, mate? That’s so fetch!

If you still aren’t triggered yet, then let the all new McDonald’s Fish & Fries give you all the British feels you need!

Tired of the same old and fancy a scrumptiously tasty meal to end your day? No need to travel far to Europe because this British favourite is the latest and most prized catch at McDonald’s.


The light but satisfyingly delicious meal features a tender Fish Fillet with golden crunchy coating, paired with everyone’s favourite World Famous Fries that is crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. This comes with your choice of dip—Sweet & Sour, Tangy Thousand Island, or Creamy Tartar Sauce.

DSC_1001-minAnd we’re not joking when we say prepare to have your taste buds fall in love after the first bite!

Last February 28, the pvblic was invited to McDonald’s Big Quiz Night held at McDonald’s Blue Ridge branch. Aside from trivia games hosted by Cara Eriguel and Graham Caygill and the London-themed decor and food (if only tea was served..), we got to taste McDonald’s Fish & Fries for the first time, and it is indeed love from the first bite.

Release your inner Brit and treat yourself to this classic British favorite when you dine in at any McDonald’s restaurant nationwide starting March 1. You can also savor the new Fish & Fries via Drive-Thru or McDelivery.

The pvblic is free to share your Brit moments with the new McDonald’s Fish & Fries on Facebook, facebook.com/McDo.ph and tag @McDo_PH on Twitter or Instagram.

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