LOOK: Breakout Philippines is opening up the Boogeyman Escape Room in SM North

We The Pvblic

Looks like Halloween came in early because Breakout Philippines decided to give us a little early treat at the new Boogeyman Escape Room in SM North.


“You and your friends are having a sleepover when you decide to try and debunk popular superstitions all in just one night,” it says.

Of course you’re one of the rowdy kids who want to see if something’ll happen if you break glass and walk under ladders. You check in the mirror and call on Bloody Mary, including other names such as the Boogeyman.

Nothing happens and you start to believe these superstitions are just coincidences.

What happens when you summon these creatures of the night? If you unknowingly summon each and every one of them?

“Right on cue, you start hearing a sound coming from your cabinet. You glance on your watch and see it’s now 3:00am and hear that the noise coming from the cabinet is getting louder and louder. You all try to run out of the door but the door knob falls off,” Breakout Philippines writes.

This time, breaking out is no longer enough. You must survive the room.

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