LOOK: Ashley Tisdale shares her insight on that ‘High School Musical’ theory

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The pvblic has been clamoring over this long thread stating why Sharpay Evans was the real victim in all the High School Musical movies and honestly, we’ve reached the conclusion that the whole story line was rigged for Troy and Gabriella’s superstardom and this rare statement which we never thought we’d say – Sharpay deserved better.


Twitter user Karim a.k.a. @SHARPAYSAVICTIM explains everything in 70+ tweets and here are some major highlights you need to know:

When Troy and Gabriella were looking at the sign up sheet, Sharpay shows up to tell them there’s supporting roles if they want to get into theater.

She turned Kelsi’s slow songs into pop hits, fit for a spring musical.

Theater was lame until Flopriella made it cool

Sharpay did have the last laugh with this one:

After the thread went viral, it finally caught up to Ashley herself and she shared her insight on the theory:

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READ: A long thread on why Sharpay Evans was the real victim in ‘High School Musical’

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