LOOK: Alex Diaz gets into a pvblic debate over feminism and LGBT rights

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Alexander Diaz McDermott got into a heated debate with the pvblic when he tweeted about social issues he wasn’t quite sure of just yet.

In a now-deleted tweet, he said, “Why not just equal rights and opportunities for everyone [sic] single person on every spectrum.”

While we do understand he did try to mean it in the best way, he did spark some debates along the way.

People called him out on his “arguments.”

Lifestyle and travel vlogger Camie Juan took to Twitter to discuss feminism, charitably tagging Diaz in the tweet.

For the full post:


After the commotion, he did apologize for everyone he affected with his comment.

Call him what you want, but you don’t see something like that everyday. Glad to learn!

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