Little Things You Can Do To Feel Better

Kean Esguerra

It’s a reality that sometimes life just sucks. Like it hates you and just keeps on throwing you punches here in there, causing you sadness, anxiety, or worse of all depression. And sometimes, no matter how big or small your issue may be, at the end of the day it’s still something that affects you.

Addressing the cause of one’s unhappiness and doing something about it will really help solve things. But if as of the moment, you just want to feel good, then these are little things we can do to help you feel better (at least for a while).

  1. Take a deep breath 

Take a deep breath and repeat it for at least 3-4 times (or do a minute of breathing exercise). Doing this will help your body and mind to feel calm. Also, there’s actually science in to this, as when you take deep breaths, your body sends a signal to your brain to relax.

  1. Eat Chocolate

Studies actually show that eating a piece of Chocolate everyday can help reduce stress levels. It’s a great snack and it helps you with your stress! What a bonus.

  1. Go out for a walk 

Simply changing your environment for a bit can actually help if you are feeling stressed out or sad. Again, science backs this up, but whether or not it’s scientist or research approved, we all know that taking a walk outside truly helps you calm down or make you feel better.


  1. Talk to someone

Talk to someone, whether it’s an office mate, a friend, a family member, a significant other or anybody you feel comfortable with. Don’t rant about how you’re feeling but just take a moment to have a light chat with someone. Chat about any topic under the sun; your crush, the last thing you watched on Netflix, that good desert you had the other day or basically any light topic will do. After your talk, you will surely feel better.

  1. Laugh 

Laugh at anything! Laugh out loud or roll on the floor laughing (it does not matter). Laughing absolutely helps your body relax, both emotionally and physically. There’s nothing a good old laugh can’t do. It’s a perfect pick me up.  So find something to cackle about, and go watch funny cat videos, sit-coms or listen to your friend’s joke. Because, as they say laughter is the best medicine.

  1. Stop and Contemplate

Stop what you are doing and take a moment to just contemplate. Think about how far you have gone in life. Think about your achievements. Think about what makes you happy, the breeze of the December air, or the sand on your feet or the drizzle of the rain. Sometimes it needs a little contemplating in order to recenter. After this you will feel a lot better.


While these things may not entirely solve whatever it is you are going through right now, know that this will help you feel better for a while. But please, always remember that you can choose to be happy and that better days are coming.

Meanwhile, please remember this quote when you are feeling down:

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