This little lit gadget is going to be the best travel buddy

Benj Villena

When the year is about to end, one of the many things I look forward to is the next year ahead. It may bring good and bad things but I look forward to both.

I am most excited to travel — it’s definitely a highlight for me. I get to capture those travel moments through photography.


Just for clarification, I travel to work. I rarely plan personal “adventures”, and I don’t spend time searching for the best ticket deals online.

I am that friend who you can’t rely on to create clear and feasible itineraries, but I will gladly, if schedule allows it, tag along if you have one.

Unlike most people who carry around a professional camera with them when they travel, I rarely appear in photographs.

If you were with me, you will appear on mine. From the moment you step out of a vehicle, to the time you’re looking at the already-familiar surrounding— I will capture it. Because taking photos of people is what I like. And taking photos of people in unusual places is what I love.

That space between work and vacation is time well spent. But for this particular event, I decided to veer away from capturing people and focused more on the beautiful structures.


I make sure that I don’t spend a lot on photography gear. It’s true that you do not need to pay a lot of cash on it to be able to capture amazing sceneries. All you need is an eye and a good camera.

Post-processing is necessary if you really want a fine-tuned picture. Because your camera, no matter how expensive it may be, will never capture what your eyes can see. With post-processing, you have the ability to bring up (or bring back) the details that your camera failed to capture during the first, second, third (and so on) clicks. All these can be done through mobile phone applications for photography. And some of the best are free too.


The photos shown are captured using the AEE Lyfe Titan action camera — it’s less expensive, and relatively cheaper than more popular brands. I had the chance to bring it with me to UAE for an event, and was able to test it for the first time during a walk in the Grand Mosque.

Like most action cameras, it’s light and easy to carry around. It can shoot 4k videos. I mounted it on my camera hot shoe, which gave me a fisheye view of whatever I was aiming at with my 85mm lens, and I was impressed with the results. Right after our walk, all files were transferred to my mobile device via Wi-Fi. How easy is that?

By the end of our walk I was hungry, burnt, sweaty, but happy with what I’ve captured. The experience gave me a wider perspective. Both literally and figuratively.


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