LISTEN: Rufa Mae Quinto has her very own ’13 Reasons Why’ tape

We The Pvblic

13 Reasons Why is the most popular Netflix series in the world right now thanks to Hannah Baker’s story and her take on the taboo social issue called suicide.

Now, the story is not the type you’d like to binge watch. In fact, you’d really much prefer a hug after the whole ordeal thanks to the dark plot twists and the humps along the way. No spoilers, for everyone’s damn sake.

After the series came a number of memes, and now, the tape of Rufa Mae Quinto actually introducing herself.

Well, @irshxrvn’s voice as Rufa Mae Quinto, that is. Pretty good impression, fam.

There’s actually a series of tapes! Check out the rest:

Welcome to your tape.

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