Leni Robredo showed up as a substitute teacher and the class was shookted

We The Pvblic

What would you do if your professor said he couldn’t come to class but he’s sending a substitute professor in his place?

Well, the first natural reaction would be to be totally bummed that it’s not a free cut instead. But then what if it turns out to be the most interesting class of the year, or you’ve ever attended in your life?

A class from the Ateneo de Naga University were shookted when Vice President Leni Robredo turned in as the “substitute teacher” yesterday, January 30.

Don’t believe us? Here’s another receipt:

These reactions are pretty accurate, if you ask us:

This Twitter user has a request though (and we’re guessing a couple of other students, too):

It’s becoming an old joke, but it’s still hilarious. Just in case you’re making sure of it, Mayon volcano hasn’t moved an inch nearer Naga City as these well-wishing satiric tweets suggested.

Let’s all stay in school, kids! You might just have the VP of the PH as your substitute teacher.

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