Lasallians were asked: ‘What’s the biggest lie your ex ever told you?’

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Relationships get hard and messy and sometimes, a lie is the worst thing you could tell your significant other.

Hugot Night: Nagmahal Nasaktan Humugot asked Lasallians all over the De La Salle University campus what was the biggest lie their ex ever told them.

The results were disheartening and sad.

When he tells you you’re the one but you’re not.

When she says sorry but she does it all over again.

This is why forever has a bad reputation.

When the trust gets broken.

Oh shit.

Besh naman eh, kaya tayo nahihirapan mag trust.

When you just aren’t the one.

…and only.


Don’t say it unless you mean it.

Promises are meant to be kept, yes?

Don’t ever lie.


By far the worst one:

All photos from Hugot Night.

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