How to know if your furry bestfriend has heartworm

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They’re always glad to see any sign of you coming home to them with their wagging tails and their licks drooling with love and kindness so it’s hard to see past all that, to see if there’s something wrong with them.

Juliene Legaspi shares her story of how she and her family found out that Wanton, their dog, was heartworm positive.

“For all the fur parents out there who are not familiar with this devastating disease that can easily latch on to our furry babies, please please read on.

Heart worms are spread and carried out by mosquitos. They are basically roundworms that infest and mature in the organs of your dogs. Adult heart worms then reproduce directly into the dog’s blood, blocking their arteries. This is why most heart worm positive dogs have visibly large chests and usually die due to heart failure.”

“1. Check for symptoms: Wanton showed inactivity, lack of appetite resulting to weight loss and some form of allergic reaction that caused the swelling of his feet, eyes and some red spots all through out his body. Most dogs exhibit coughing and aging. (Take note that these symptoms only show up when it’s too late and the worms have already infested your poor baby’s body 🙁 so dont you dare wait for it before making a move)

2. Prevent. Go to the nearest vet and ask them to administer a heart worm vaccine. It only costs Php 200 to shield your little pupper of these mosquitos and heart worms.

We can only do so much from now. We’re trying to help Wanton at least live longer by improving his immune system and skin conditions.

We’re done balling our eyes out and I guess I’m writing this to spread awareness. We do administer the yearly vaccines religiously, but we had no idea that these vaccines existed. ( If we only knew, right?)

So save your cute little babies and let them live a long healthy life. Get them those monthly vaccines.”

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