Khalil Ramos urges the pvblic to watch #2Cool2Be4Gotten in a shady tweet to ‘Beauty and the Beast’

We The Pvblic

How do you forget your first friend if he’s your first love?

2 COOL 2 BE 4GOTTEN is going to be open to the pvblic on March 15 in theaters nationwide and Khalil Ramos has a message for everyone heading to the cinema.

Director Petersen Vargas’ first full-length feature for 2016’s Cinema One Originals is going to teach the pvblic all sorts of ways to love unconditionally, as its reviews insist.

And Khalil wants you to remember this:

Point taken that we all know the ending to Beauty and the Beast but nevertheless, just watch both movies on its opening day!

You can catch #2Cool2Be4Gotten at the following malls!
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