#KaladKaren met Karen Davila and we can’t tell which is which!

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The funny #KaladKaren finally met the actual Karen Davila and to be honest, we can’t tell them apart.

Facebook: KaladKaren Davila
Facebook: KaladKaren Davila

Kalad Karen has become a sensational hit thanks to her impeccable impression of news reporter Karen Davila. Now, she’s finally seen Ms. Davila in the flesh and tbh, it was the hardest thing telling them apart.

The way they talk, the way they look, the way they laugh — they’re like twins, basically.

Fellow reporter Julius Babao poked fun at the two, saying Kalad Karen should do Davila’s part on the news later on.

Watch the funny and rare encounter below:

What’d we tell you? Twins!

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