Joey de Leon made incredibly dangerous comments about depression on national television

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When you make dangerous comments on national television where literally EVERYONE can see it, it’s going to leave a long, impressionable mark.

Little by little, people have started talking about depression, taking it as a serious topic which should be discussed with utmost care and sensitivity. Joey de Leon said some harsh comments on mental health during the segment of Juan for All , All For Juan.

Host Jose Manalo asked the sugod-bahay winner Maria Cristina on the condition of her mother. Cristina answered that her mom had depression.

Jose: “Bakit? Iyang bang depression nakukuha ba iyan dahil depressed ka, ganun ba iyon?” (Why? Do get the condition because you’re just depressed?)

Maria Cristina: “Ang sabi lang po nung doktor, depression tapos yung katandaan cause makakalimutin na po.” (The doctor simply said she has depression and because of her age, she tends to forget already.)

Joey chimed in: “Yung depression, gawa-gawa lang ng mga tao iyan. Gawa nila sa sarili nila.” (About depression, that’s just made by people. They do it to themselves.)

Maine Mendoza tried to interrupt and came to the defense, letting Joey know that depression is not a laughing matter.

“Hindi biro yang depression. Hindi siya joke. Hindi kasi maraming nakakaranas ng ganun lalo na sa mga kabataan. Kaya pag may nakakaranas ng ganun, kailangan natin bigyan natin ng suporta,” she said as Alden Richards nodded beside her.

(Depression is not a laughing matter. It’s not a joke. Because many people go through it, especially today’s youth. If you’re going through it, give them the support.)

Joey retorted: “Hindi, huwag n’yo suportahan. Gawa-gawa lang nila iyon.” (No don’t support it. They just make it up.)

Soon enough, Joey got backlash for the comments and the pvblic had things they needed to get off their chest:

The pvblic applauded Maine Mendoza for trying to counter the already-horrendous situation:

One reminded the others not to shame Joey, only educate


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