Ji Chang-wook and Lee Jong-suk are off to the military soon

Vinz Lamorena

South Korean Army updates always bum out Hallyu fans from all over the world.

That’s because when our oppas finally receive their official enlistment dates, we have no choice but to bid them goodbye for almost two years.

Yup, that’s two years of not seeing them portray new roles on primetime dramas and blockbuster movies, or spotting their respective idol groups performing with a missing member.

Recent reports have confirmed that actor Ji Chang-wook is off to the military this August, while Lee Jong-suk received his draft notice last July 21.

Lee-Jong-Suk 2Lee Jong-suk still has a couple of projects that are set to premier in the coming months, which includes the film “VIP” and upcoming drama “While You Were Sleeping.”

Lee jong suk 1Meanwhile, Ji Chang-wook has long been preparing for his enlistment. His last project was the romantic-comedy “Suspicious Partners” where he played a charismatic and highly principled prosecutor-turned-lawyer.

Ji chang wook 2The actor was said to begin his training in Cheorwon County of Gangwon Province on August 14. “I will try my best to carry out my duties in a healthy state and return. I will return with good projects after my service ends, so it would be great if you could wait for one year and nine months,” he said in a previous interview.


ji-chang-wookLast summer, Ji Chang-wook revealed he would like to start dating again after his enlistment. If there’s one thing that we’re thanking this mandatory military duty for—aside from the protection of their home country, of course—it’s probably this.

Are you ready to say goodbye to these two oppas? We sure aren’t (or will we ever be).

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