Japan now recognizes same-sex couples as foster parents!

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Japan wins!

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Japan has finally joined the more colorful sector of the world and finally, they are recognizing same-sex couples as foster parents, furthering a growing recognition of LGBTQ rights in the country.

Osaka had recognized two men as foster parents on Wednesday, with a teenage boy under their care since February.

“I am happy we became foster parents [and were recognized] as a single household, not just as individuals,” one of the two men said to The Japan Times. They added the boy was now “living a comfortable life.”

The city of Osaka first determined that they “understood the foster care system and had the financial wherewithal to raise a child” before they were certified as foster parents, and they fit the bill quite fine.

Mashable reported the two men had submitted the request to be recognized as foster parents late in 2015, going through all the lectures, training, scrutiny and “a screening by the city’s social welfare panel before they were certified.”

In addition, Japan updated its national bullying prevention policy to also include protection for LGBTQ students earlier last month.

Japan is definitely on a roll.

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