James Deakin is actually a pretty intellectually stimulating DILF

Kaka Corral

You always see a James Deakin-related post whenever it came down to car-related topics in the Philippines and there’s always a good point in each one.

But did you know how much of an intellectually stimulating DILF he actually is?


He knows what the pvblic needs and he makes it a point to make LTFRB realize how helpful these ride-sharing apps actually are.

So the LTFRB have just fined Uber and grab 5 million pesos each for operating without the necessary permits. These are permits that they have already applied for, but which the LTFRB have put on hold for a year.

I don’t want to hit the panic button just yet (as I am placing an enormous amount of faith that the LTFRB will do what is right here) but I do want to give them a better picture of how their decision impacts the riding public before they hand down their decision on the fate of these ride sharing services.

He created a poll with 77,000 votes over which one was more convenient: Taxis or Uber/Grab.

James said getting dashcams should be mandatory.


He wrote:

No more he-said-she-said. Let the cameras tell the story. We have gone way past the point of taking one word against the other. It’s time we take back our right to remain silent.

The amount of time and money it will save in investigations, sketches, traffic, insurance fraud and court cases alone is already good enough reason to make it mandatory. Then you have the added benefit of deterring or reporting habitual law-breakers like counter-flowers, red-light-beaters, left-lane-hoggers and abusive traffic enforcers.

I’ll guarantee you that once you have one installed, you will find that you tend to drive around with a newfound confidence. Instead of feeling vulnerable when you’re involved in a traffic accident, or a cop tries shaking you down for a traffic violation, or infuriated when a VIP’s backup vehicle with rent-a-thugs try to run you off the road, you look at it as viral YouTube content. It’s all a matter of perspective.

And the best part is that because it is a two-way street, it makes you a better driver in the process because there’s no point showing a video of some idiot doing something stupid when you happen to be doing something just as stupid yourself, right?

He’s incredibly funny and authentic in this episode with Ramon Bautista talking about, you guessed it — cars.

And some bits on how he earned his credibility.

He’s an all-around good guy.

His segment #TheServiceRoad on CNN Philippines features him trying out modes of transportation to see how we can make our pvblic transportation safer and more convenient.

Lastly, he said this iconic line:


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