Italians will probably be shookt when they taste Jollibee spaghetti in Milan

We The Pvblic

You can now find one of the Filipinos’ pride and joy in the streets of Milan.

It’s actually the first Jollibee branch in Europe, and this local food chain has already made a lot of buzz with its food abroad (and all Filipinos know why). You can check out Insider’s video below to know what we’re talking about:

And now it’s gonna take Italy by storm with its Chickenjoy, Burgersteak patties, and Tuna Pie for sure. But we’re wondering if the noodles will pass the Italian palate?

For one thing, the Jollibee Spaghetti we know has the sweetest Filipino-style tomato sauce, added with ground meat and hotdog slices. Will they be horrified? Will the recipe actually be altered to suit their taste?

Then there’s the savory and briny sauce mixed with thin glass noodles topped with pork strips, egg, and chicharon bits aka the Palabok. Man, we actually can’t wait for ze Italians to say bravo, Jollibee, delizioso!

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