Ignite your passion for trail running with the Merrell Pilipinas Trail Running Camp!

We The Pvblic

Let’s get down to business and defeat the trail!

Merrell Pilipinas Trail Running Camp Event Poster

Ever thought of running a trail? You’re in luck because the pvblic is invited to the orientation of the fundamentals of trail running by veteran trail runners and experts speakers like Thumbie Remigio, Manolito Divina, Alex Yap and many more on May 6 to 7, 2017.

The 2-day program set at Basekamp in Rizal will give participants an understanding of trail running techniques, hill running, nutrition and training plans and heat/hydration management.

To join the Merrell Pilipinas Trail Running Camp 2, simply register online at www.raceyaya.com. The registration fee of Php 2,500.00 is inclusive of one night accommodation, meals for the entire weekend camp, event shirt, and freebies. Full details of the trail camp are also posted on both Merrell’s Facebook page and raceyaya.com!

What’re you waiting for? Run the trail, don’t let the trail run you.

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