We the Pvblic presents #PvblicSpeaks: Talk for Millennials

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We the Pvblic is a digital platform for millennials by millennials which aims to inspire the pvblic to do more and achieve more. It caters to the generation today and we make stories on events that we believe are significant to the youth.

As we are about to turn a year older, we have grown to be more creative, more innovative, a bolder breed of human beings.

And now, the millennials are a mix of creative entrepreneurs, making their own businesses, whether the setting be a restaurant, a concept store, or even in the online realm: an online shop.

We are changing the way the market scene looks and works and it’s scaring the oldies away, but most especially, it’s driving more and more millennials to become more innovative.

We have different priorities, different definitions of success, and different ways of learning. Old success is about having a family, buying your own car, buying your own house, and retiring. Once you retire, you travel the world.

With millennials, you get to travel now, there’s less attachment to material things, and there’s a different sense of ownership. There’s Uber, Grab, Airbnb, rather than buying your own car or getting your own house (for the meantime).

The previous generation believes in delayed gratification, that you travel the world in the end, get everything you want in the end. The millennials are more spontaneous in all forms of the term, especially in gratification.

Millennials are the babies that Generation X looked down on as nothing more than self-entitled, spoiled brats and up to this day – through puberty, education, and in the field of your first job – they still think you are that grown up self-entitled brat.

But that isn’t the case.

Millennials have their own way of speaking their minds, with new innovative slang such as “bes” and “g?” which most of the older adults aren’t aware of *wink*


Just because we’re young doesn’t mean we’re all dumb, although because we’re young, it means we can still learn more on honing our craft and learning.


Learn, learn, learn.

What #PVBLICSPEAKS aims to do is to fill that gap. learn new skills through more immersion and collaboration. #PvblicSpeaks provides a platform for millennials to learn more about marketing startup business because you have to get the word of your startup out and here’s how you do it:

Learn how to launch your startup, acquire new users and expand in new markets on November 12, 2016 from 1:00-3:00PM at the XS Multimedia Headquarters in Quezon City and on November 16, 2016 from 7:00-9:00PM at the Z.com Office, Zuellig Building, in Makati City.

There’s going to be FREE web hosting for all attendees and get a chance to win a FREE domain name. Oh and, there’s a FREE Uber ride up to P200 for new users. Door Charge of ₱500 comes with food and drinks.

Register and join the #PVBLICSPEAKS: http://pvblicspeaks.wethepvblic.com/

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