HiHo is your new favorite YouTube channel

Vinz Lamorena

Maybe you’re tired of watching your usual nursery rhymes, toy unboxings and video game tutorials on YouTube. Well, it’s time to subscribe to the newest kids channel online, just type HiHo Kids on your search bar and you’ve found your newest favorite YouTube channel.

HiHo creates short webisodes with kids that have a ton of energy, crazy imaginations, and endless confidence and humor. Its “YouTubers” are kids of all ages, the youngest of the lot at 3 years old. And although they are labeled as “American kids,” the children also come from all kinds of races—and most of them have Filipino blood running in their veins.

These young YouTube stars—mainly Ernie, Desmond, Crystal, Maddox, GG, Justin, Steve, Carolina and JayQue—found internet fame after the world watched them taste and rate different dishes from all over the globe. These included breakfast, school lunches, coffee, tea, desserts, and even Filipino, Ethiopian and Japanese food. Definitely not your usual kiddie favorites.

But HiHo isn’t just all about food. There will be webisodes about toys, sports, games, as well as fashion, all made with kids, for kids. They even plan to illustrate and animate Ernie’s random roleplaying games. We’re sure it’ll make every kid who watch it want to go on an adventure with their parents, encouraging them to play up their imagination.

Kids are known for being honest, and that’s exactly what the kids from “Kids Try” are in every episode. Their genuine reactions to the different food and games introduced to them are a source of laughter, entertainment and bits of global knowledge.

HiHo’s “Kids Try” are the kids’ own version of Narnia, or even Wonka’s Chocolate Factory whenever sweets are involved, a space for them to play and discover the world—one episode at a time—and it’s time you play with them.

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