Help Lila get the burial she deserves

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It’s always heartbreaking to lose a member of your family. You’re used to them being there for you, making you laugh, and it’s hard to picture losing them.

And one day, it finally happens. One day, your world just falls apart. That’s what Bria Cardenas felt when she lost Lila a day after the photographer’s birthday.

She tells how her Chinese Shar Pei-Labrador passed right after her birthday on October 4, 2017:

It is with a heavy heart that I share to you that our family dog, Lila, a Chinese Shar Pei-Labrador, passed away right after my birthday, midnight of October 4, 2017. She was born in June 10, 2005 and lived a happy life. She knows our struggles to our victories.

Yesterday, dinner time, I noticed her stomach was getting big but we thought she was just full. Everybody went upstairs and I continue to watch a Filipino TV show. Lila wasn’t beside me, she was behind our sofa. As I went to our bath room, I saw her lying on the floor, just being her usual self. I tickled her ears and told her that I love her and to lay down beside me. But she was just like “I’m ok.” (But apparently she was not)

So I sat again, but I made sure to check on her time to time. The second time I tried to comfort her, she moved to another place again, far away from me. I didn’t hear any cry, she was just silent. I tried to tickle her again and she responded. So I sat again, researched about dogs and waited for Bandila to end. When I was about to go to sleep, I checked on her again. I looked to her stomach first. I couldn’t see any flow, then I saw her face.

I cried. Immediately I called my brother.

Lila was a very friendly and happy dog, she was our companion, best friend and prolly a baby sister. She has helped me become who I am today. Why, Bria? She doesn’t even talk. There are days wherein sometimes I don’t have anyone to talk to, only God and her, she’d just tap me with her paws as I breakdown or simply just lie down beside me. I know in that moment, we connected and she showed her care. I loved how every time I say “I love you” to her she’d just wag her tail. She’d keep my hands off of her every time I tickle her tiny ears. I’ll miss seeing her being ecstatic whenever she smells food or hears a snack being opened.

Little did I know my birthday was her last day in this world. I even took photos of her begging for my cake. Lol. I don’t know if anybody understands this kind of grief. However, life must go on.

Lila is now in the hands of Rainbow Bridge Pet Aftercare Services for her cremation.


Cardenas shared her Bria Cardenas #photobybria album where you could have a shoot with your beloved pets, as well as up close and personal photos, and even a portrait or fashion layout shoot for only Php 999.

“I want to help my family and give Lila the burial she deserves. All the proceeds will go to Lila’s burial/crematory,” she said in the Facebook post.

You could view more of Bria’s work in the link.

Help Lila get the burial she deserves.

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