What happens when you leave BuzzFeed? You create an amazing YouTube video

We The Pvblic

There’s been a trend with ex-BuzzFeed employees, with all of them sharing their experiences with the big company, doing their best to make the pvblic understand.

Chris Reinacher made a YouTube video just some days ago, and it’s probably the best one out there.

“I’m the actor, writer, producer, chicken watcher, misheard lyric-er, taste tester previously on BuzzFeed video.”

Chris has been with the company for the span of two and a half years with over 240 minutes of content.

“So I made my living making relatable content. You know, those awkward moments we all have,” he says, just before bumping into the mic guy.

“I always thought I could go a little bit deeper, you know what I mean?” he says.

He adds, just before dropping to the floor, “But the film making process didn’t really allow for that, here, let me give you some visual aids.”


“Film making is a collaborative process. It takes a lot of different brains,” he says. “At BuzzFeed, one brain has to do it all.”

Pretty soon you’ll find yourself entertained with all the crazy shenanigans in the background and the one-take wonder of a video he recorded. Of course, he dropped the ball on YouTubers and sponsors, making it ever so obvious that his content for today was sponsored by security cameras.

It’s a delightful little piece in the YouTube sphere that’ll help you get creative with your own content.

If you want to see another familiar BuzzFeed face, see her below:

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