How to Hack Your Growth with the help of #PvblicSpeaks

We The Pvblic

The #PvblicSpeaks event held on November 12 and 16, 2016 showcased a wide-array for the average joe who wanted to learn more on how to grow your business and how to hack your growth care of the guest speaker, startup marketing consultant Christopher Star.

We got a few pointers in and we’re ready to share some of the good stuff with you guys:

Meet the product

A workbuzz is a school bus for work. Let’s say you have a carpooling app that gets you to work and back home with peace of mind.


hack-your-growth-1High surge prices during rush hour. Need affordable, reliable and safe way of going to work.

Analyze the situationhack-your-growth-2

Research on competitors and find your unfair advantage against them then do a SWOT analysis. Make them wish they thought of that strategy you had up your sleeve.

Meet the customers

hack-your-growth-3Age: 22-40 y/o, regularly uses Uber/Grab/Taxi but might also own a car. Possibly living outside Metro Manila but works in Makati, BGC, Ortigas or QC. Has a regular 9 to 5 work.

Learn the hot buttons of your customers and push them.

hack-your-growth-4Unique Value Proposition is your brand promise

hack-your-growth-5Sure seats, sure price & sure time, just like a school bus but for work.

Positioning: Cheap alternative to Uber/Grab/Taxi and more comfortable option than MRT/FX/Jeep.

Unique Selling Pointshack-your-growth-6

Efficient: Picks you up on time.
Economical: No surge prices and no haggling with rude drivers.
Environmental: Less carbon footprints is good for Mother Earth.

Distribution Channelshack-your-growth-7

Offline? Affiliates? Online: web, mobile or both?

Market your budget

hack-your-growth-8Top down approach is when you get a percentage of the monthly revenue or operations budget and set it as your marketing budget. The opposite of it is the bottom up approach where you start with your KPIs and calculate your marketing budget depending on your set targets.

And this is how you avoid the TRAPS in marketing with a plan.hack-your-growth-9

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