This guy bought his girlfriend a star just like in ‘A Walk to Remember’

We The Pvblic

Can you find this star? ‘Cause I had it named after you.

If you’ve watched A Walk to Remember, you’d know how truly in love high school bad boy Landon Carter was with Jamie Sullivan.


And if you were a real fan, you’d know that Landon made Jamie look for a certain star — one named right after her.

Because that’s what you do when you’re in love — you’ll do whatever and give everything that’ll make your significant other happy.

That’s exactly what Hannah Grazhel Chiong received from her boyfriend on October 8.

It’s officially listed in the International Star Directory. “The star will always shine for you and will lead the way to my heart.”

Hannah is well aware that she doesn’t literally own the star, reminding the pvblic that it isn’t the material things that matter.

She wrote in a lengthy Facebook post:

I am fully aware that I literally do not own the star but the thought that he wants to name a star after me while showing me the certificate that is in the international star directory (not the IAU) made me feel special. lt doesn’t matter if the star is real or not, it’s the time and energy he used to do all this just to get this for me, all to show me how much he loves me. By the end of the day it’s not the material things that matter, it’s what you choose to do, it’s the energy that drives you to go beyond, it’s the effort, and he did a pretty good job at doing it. So whether the star is real or not, it doesn’t matter, but I believe his love is real enough.

If that doesn’t drive you to tears, I don’t know what will.
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