Globe’s Beauty and the Beast ad about a Lolo and his apo will make you miss your lolo hard

We The Pvblic

Globe’s new #LoveThatMoves ad which features a lolo and his apo is going to make you tear up a bit while missing your very own grandpa.

It starts out with the lolo reminiscing on his old days. The pvblic gets taken into his world, being able to see for ourselves the flashback of his life through pictures on the wall, his old dancing toy trinket, and the show on TV.

Everything is related to his past love: dancing.

His dancing shoes were hanging on the wall too, a symbol showing that he’s been done and over with it for a while now.

But in everyday chores, he found a skip in his step again. He dresses to the nines with a rose similar to that gorgeous rose on Beauty and the Beast.

He enters a room filled with strangers, a party of some sort. Then he reveals himself to the princess of the night – his apo.

“Lolo?” she asks, clearly confused for the presence of her lolo, yet happy.

He takes her by his arms and dances the night away into a spontaneous mix of Beauty and the Beast magic in the end.


We don’t know about you, but that certainly made us feel even more excited for the movie this March 16.

Hug your lolos tight. Love them and create #LoveThatMoves. Kudos, Globe!
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