FUNNY: This dad is helping his daughter get a prom date on February 24 and it is the cutest thing

We The Pvblic

Whenever you think of prom and dad mashed together, you get this sort of image in your head when it’s time to bring in your prom date to your house and take obligatory before prom photos.

But not this dad. No, sir, he’s one of the cool ones.

Philip Co is a loving father and he just wants to find a prom date on February 24 for his daughter, Maxine Co.

“OK, listen up!

My grade 11 daughter’s Feb. 24 prom is coming up and she’s still dateless. If you can recommend any of your nephews, friend’s son or nephew or whatever pls PM me.”

The dad reminds the pvblic that it’s just a prom date and it isn’t anything serious, no need for MU (infairness si father alam ang slang), or marriage afterwards. “Just a simple high school prom that’s it!”

And btw, he’s offering up a referral fee-slash-reward for this. Just keepin’ it OG.

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