Free Starbucks drinks for an entire year? We kid you not!

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We’re closing in on the end of the first week of Starbucks planner sticker collecting, and this year, it’s not just the vibrant and must-have annual agenda that you’re guzzling all those holiday drinks for.

Yup, there’s another reason why you must earn this year’s Starbucks planner no. matter. what. Since the coffee company is celebrating its 20th anniversary in the country, the sought-after planners have a little treat inside: a Kape Vinta Philippines Starbucks card.

The Food Alphabet
The Food Alphabet

Sure, you may already have your own Starbucks rewards card where you get to enjoy free drinks every once in a while and a slice of cake on your birth month, but don’t ignore this precious baby just yet.

The cards attached to the planners each have a chance of making its owner the luckiest coffee lover in town. Once you register your newest card and load it at least P300 this January (just a couple of weeks to go! It’s important that you wait!), you may win a year’s supply of Starbucks.

We’re not kidding. You’ll get free grande drinks for 365 days in 2018 if you win the Starbucks card raffle. Just imagine how much you’ll be able to save on your coffee fix!

So get those stickers and let the countdown to January begin!

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