For the #PvblicSafety of ride-sharing users

We The Pvblic

The ride-sharing revolution is upon us and we are nothing but grateful for both Grab and Uber for its convenience and reliable drivers.

However, Facebook user Carla Moreno posted a heads up for ride-sharing app users, and possibly, even drivers of these apps. Moreno mentions there’s a new modus operandi targeting users and drivers alike.

“My driver informed me that last Monday, Oct 16, two passengers booked a ride in Cubao going to Otis,” she wrote. “The pair declared a hijack by Nagtahan, and asked the driver to step out — taking the car, his earnings and his gadgets.”

Moreno said that the two passengers set up a fake account.

“Upon reporting the incident, it was found out that the pair has set up a fake account and are now untraceable,” she added.

Some ride-sharing drivers are now asking riders to present valid IDs before the ride. She said, “They also foresee that these culprits may target Uber Pool and Grab Share users to ‘hit two birds’.”

Moreno urges the pvblic to look out for the ride-sharing drivers as they provide the pvblic “with a convenient, comfortable and safe mode of transportation.”

“As for the ride sharing platforms, hope they can find a way to update their product design to ensure the identification of both riders and drivers are valid.”

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