Food we enjoy eating with rice that other people think is weird


Our favorite carb staple in every meal.

Sometimes choosing a viand that goes well with our rice is hard especially if you’re undecided in what to eat during lunch time. When the day comes that you are, you might be craving for something extra and I’ve got just the list for you. When the usual Fried Chicken or Ginisang Gulay won’t hit the spot, check out these weird yet fulfilling options we Filipinos love to pair with rice.


Ah pork cracklings. Hot steamy rice with crispy salty Chicharon is my favorite snack-meal. I just wish it wasn’t so hard to eat in an office where your delighted crunches are obvious and can be heard seemingly within a five meter radius. Who thought of this? Whoever it was, we should venerate him with a National Chicharon day.

Cup Noodles

Don’t give me that look. You’ve done this too.

It was raining and the fried chicken I had in my lunch box wasn’t so appealing so I raced down to the canteen and bought myself a seafood-flavored cup of noodles and ate it with my rice more than I ate my chicken. I mean the soup is salty enough to flavor yourr rice and it felt so fulfilling after, my friends got worried because I did this for an entire year in high school but they couldn’t stop me. I guess rice and noodles were just too delicious.

Eat with me if you want to live


Besides the body-blaspheming carb on carb concoction that is the pancit/spaghetti sandwich we see our relatives eat with glee during parties and festivities, the pancit/spaghetti-rice is something you definitely have to see to believe. I have a theory how this started: someone must have attended a party and got his plate staples like pancit, rice, menudo, and a rice cake for dessert. But alas! That someone discovered that he picked up more rice than menudo and when he tried to get more he found to his horror that there was  no more left! His pancit was calling to him and so he ate it together with his rice. Or y’know, we just needed a way to extend a small amount of pancit so everyone has their share while we get full with what little pancit we have.

Bagoong and other sauces

When my adult relatives didn’t like the viands served to them at home, I saw them secretly do the most polite Filipino dinning gesture–they’d take a small amount of that viand they detest and next to it would be a heaped teaspoonful of Bagoong. It was genius! It was their way of not offending their host while saving their stomachs from anguish. But don’t limit this to bagoong, rice soaked in patis, Mang Tomas, or that Maggi sauce that goes well with Sisig are options too.


I’m not saying that all the other items in this list aren’t “weird” enough but this is just ridiculous. I mean, I’m not the biggest fan of bananas as a post-meal snack but as a viand? When I was still in grade school I saw a kid happily gorging on Banana rice with his favorite condiment, which is, you guessed it–Banana Ketchup. My cringe lives to this day.


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