This is the most ~extra~ way to get your late night McDonald’s cravings

We The Pvblic

Not all superheroes wear capes.

Twitter user @mariaydulz did what any normal person would do and ordered herself some late night McDonald’s food. But she had one problem: she didn’t want her mom to wake up.

So she made an extraordinary device to get the McDo food to her safely and without detection — a rope attached to a basket to lower it down to the McDonald’s delivery guy.

She specifically mentioned in her delivery information to text or call when the delivery guy arrives. “Baka magising si Mama. Nasa second floor po kami. Magbababa nalang po kami ng basket para doon ilagay.”

And we shit you not the delivery guy did them a solid, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Kudos to McDo and their understanding team of delivery guys aka the good guys.
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